Top SEO Trends In 2023 To Focus On (Experts’ Advice!)

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SEO trends are changing rapidly as Google keeps pushing new algorithm updates that shake the ranking for almost every business on the search engine.

While SEO is among the most effective ways to attract organic traffic, you need to be able to use it in a way your competition does not. What do you have to offer to the 3.5 billion searches on Google every day to rank differently and get that CTR? You need to evolve the way SEO does!

To help you keep your business or blog or any website on top, we invited several SEO experts from all around the world to give their input.

Top SEO Trends In 2023 (Experts Reviews!)

Top-ranking SEO requires gauging a myriad of metrics for optimum performance. To help you make the best use of the resources at hand, experts have given their opinion on which SEO trends will focus in 2023.

1. Stand Out With Natural Language and Actionable Content

Jason Hewett

The trend I’ll be focusing on is optimizing for conversions and search intent. Search engines are uncannily good at understanding natural language, so it’s more important than ever to build actionable content around your keywords. Before, SEO was just a game of what. Now it is also a game of why.

Jason Hewett – SEO Specialist at Jason Hewett LLC

2. Quality Over Quantity, Always!

Eugene Leow

Quality content and content velocity if possible (i.e no. of quality articles) will definitely influence consideration and convert your users.

Eugene Leow – Regional SEO Specialist at Project Green Ribbon

3. Its All About The User’s Experience

Peter Rota

Having good UX on sites and having a strong foundation for on-page SEO.

Peter Rota – SEO Specialist at BuySellAds

4. Content Is Still The KING!

Zaca Schubert


Zaca Schubert – Ecom Marketing Specialist at Qerā Marketing

5. Time to EAT!

Ramon Khan

Google made a really big push for core web vitals and EAT (expertise, authority, and trust) in the past year and more and more companies are looking for help in those fields. I have run across several niches and companies, both large and small, that are putting more focus on those areas because they recognize the positive correlations from focusing on those particular issues and are putting a big emphasis on that type of experience when hiring for SEO roles.

Aside from that, I am putting more focus on off-page SEO, as I see that many businesses have trouble growing their online presence and getting mentions (backlinks) to their sites to boost their rankings. Trends come and go but core web vitals, EAT, and getting high-quality backlinks are going to be important for the foreseeable future.

Ramon Khan – Freelance Marketing Consultant at Ramon Khan Digital Marketing

6. It All Comes Down To Content

Michelle Williamson

One of the most important aspects of SEO moving into 2022 will be ensuring sites have relevant, well written, targeted, and credible content. With so many blogs and websites out in the world today, I believe the sites which contain this type of content will be the ones to stand out from the crowd.

Michelle Williamson – Director of Digital Marketing at BackBurner Marketing, LLC

7. Hashtag Video!

Madeline Toy

Video SEO. Many companies in today’s day and age are trying to figure out how to get “get viral quick.” Unfortunately, going “viral” isn’t an easy feat. With video taking off in the digital marketing space, many companies are turning to video marketing to grow their bottom line, but they aren’t sure why their videos aren’t getting the projected views they thought they would. Why? I see it time and time again, but a lot of companies forget to publish videos with “search intent” (or SEO) in mind. What do I mean by this? This means that you shouldn’t neglect to title your video on YouTube a title searchers are actually looking for.

This also means that you can’t forget about the power of hashtags as well. With every short-form video you publish, think about what hashtags searchers are looking for to find your IG Reels or TikTok videos in the first place. All in all, the reason for posting a video is to get more exposure and to get more sales. You can only accomplish this by optimizing not only the content on your site but on social media sites as well.

Madeline Toy – Copywriter & SEO Specialist at Freelance

8. Smart Optimization For Smartphone!

Andres Rivera

I would say focusing more in mobile optimization and local would bring better results to the average client.

Andres Rivera – Brand Strategist, SEO Specialist and Owner at Bee Hexa Branding LLC

9. Full Topic Coverage

Matt Jackson

The trend I’ll be focusing on is Full Topic Coverage, alongside a proper internal link structure to support that.

Matt Jackson – Ecommerce SEO Consultant at Matt-Jackson

10. Video + Blog + Research = Content!

Melanie Diehl

For 2022, we will be focusing on creating relevant content that our audience craves. We will do this by developing video and blog content, with a focus on page experience and mobile speed.

Melanie Diehl – Award Winning Email Marketing & SEO Specialist at Melanie & co.

11. Use Of AI in SEO

Daniel Lee

Google will use AI to better understand search queries and to identify which results provide the best answers to those queries. Google has been developing a new technology called MUM (Multitask Unified Model), which they have developed specifically to better understand language. Google states that MUM is 1,000 times more powerful than BERT.

AI will be used more by publishers to create content. I have seen some quite powerful AI content generation tools. While they aren’t quite at the same level as a human copywriter, they can often write about 90% of an article, which then only requires a human copywriter to go in and edit. I don’t think AI will replace copywriters, but instead will be used to speed up the article writing process.

Daniel Lee – Founder at Strategyst

12. Page Speed (Core Web Vitals) Are Important!

Chiuli Shireen Stephenson

I would focus on is page speed, which is becoming increasingly important. I’d tie a fast-loading page with targeted longtailed keywords encased in highly relevant content. I’d also optimize the content for featured snippets in Google. In 2022, fast + relevant is going to be where businesses are going to remain competitive.

Chiuli Shireen Stephenson – Content Strategist at Shireen Stephenson Content Marketing Services

13. Online Presence Optimization

Rachel Howe

When it comes to SEO, I stick to the tried and true. Create great content and optimize your online presence as best as possible.

Rachel Howe – Owner at Bite Sized Media

There. The experts have given their verdict. The average user craves engaging content that appeals to their requirements. With that, quality UX ensures you get the clicks you need to stay relevant and propel your content towards more customers.

Lastly, the world has gone compact yet smart with their smartphones and prefers content or copywriting that works well with their devices, so an intelligent developer would understand the need to cater to the customer’s needs. With all this information about the SEO trends, we think you are ready to plunge into a world of digital success!

Do you have an SEO trends tip that can help readers? Feel free to contact us with your advice, and we will add that to this page.

Is SEO still worth it in 2022?

The answer is obvious. It is. No matter how good your content is, SEO is required to take it a notch up in the SERP rankings. Without SEO, you’re just another piece of content in the digital sea.

What SEO means?

SEO is the means to get your content optimized in a way as to rank better at the search engine, e.g., Google, Bing, etc.

What is an SEO trend?

SEO is not a static phenomenon, and it is ever-evolving. Knowing the current SEO trends of the market, you are targeting helps you stay on top of your game and at the search results. Users then see your page in response to their query, and you are likely to get more organic traffic that way.

Why should I apply 2022 SEO trends to my website?

Your website needs to rank preferably on the first page to attract customers. While you may invest a lot in the content of your website, if it is not optimized according to the SEO trends prevailing at the time of publishing, you lose the chance to rank high. Your effort goes to waste that way, and you may take a longer time gathering the clientele you need to grow your business.

*Shezrah also contributed to this article.


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