The 5 Best Marketing Strategies for 2023

Marketing strategies can lift up a brand and can also drown it. Marketing experts should keep an eye on the latest trends to keep their businesses up and running. We at Digital Phablet bring you the top 5 marketing strategies that will help marketing experts of business to initiate the marketing strategies for 2023.

Best Marketing Strategies for 2023

Before we dive into it, the best way you can deploy the marketing strategy is to see what suits your business/startup the best way you can serve the target audience.

1. TikTok is going to be the king

tiktok marketing stretegy 2020
Kon Karampelas

We might troll TikTok but it is indeed that next big thing, marketing experts’ labels the platform a cheap yet effective marketing strategy. If you make interactive videos you will be able to penetrate the market of millions of teenagers, and by doing sponsored videos, a brand will be visible to a number of users at the minimal cost in comparison with Google Display Network and Facebook or YouTube.

2. IGTV is something you shouldn’t ignore

instagram statistics 2020
Georgia de Lotz

IGTV announced the monetization of content creators. The reason we’re suggesting IGTV is because of the reach which is much better and much more effective than Facebook Watch Videos.

If you’re an e-commerce business and would like to showcase your inventory, IGTV would be a great way to either sponsor or showcase your own created videos.

3. Blogger Outreach is a core

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Brooke Cagle

While you search for getting your content being seen by millions, blogger outreach is something that is comparatively cheaper than most of the things we mentioned above. Blogger outreach is a service where a marketing expert influences a number of famous bloggers related to your brand industry to talk about you, this service provided by iNet Ventures.

Many brands such as Colgate and Pepsodent use this approach to target their audience.

4. Video content marketing

girl making video
Linda Xu

Social media square videos are getting very famous, whether you’re on Facebook or surfing through Instagram, Square videos with some texts on it always catch your eye. Placing a sponsored tag would make it much easier for a brand to show what they’re doing in the market.

This video sponsorship can be expensive but is very effective.

5. Don’t forget landing pages

laptop with website open
Igor Miske

We live in the digital world, it is important for a person to have a website, and the Landing page that describes all its’ products/services is an important part. It is human psychology to learn about a product or service and immediately search for its website to get a much stronger grip on it.

So, make sure you create a landing page that is interactive and describes all the things that you’re offering.

Cover Photo by Marvin Meyer


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