Triple Featured Snippets: The New SEO Goldmine

Google tests triple-featured snippets, which could improve a site’s ranking in search results.

Due to this change, your website will likely move up from the bottom to the top of Google’s search results overnight. The key is in featured snippet optimization. And not every site qualifies – primarily because of the way their content appears on the page. Google is experimenting with showing up to three sites at a time, highlighting relevant sections of each site rather than showing just one.

Two websites have climbed from ranking #5 and #8 (hidden below) to ranking at the top of the search results. For anyone that pays attention to CTR metrics for pages that rank in featured snippets compared to pages that rank lower on the page, the difference is like night and day. The pages up top receive the majority of clicks.

triple featured snippets

It is generally best to write an article with a well-researched, well-written, and engaging snippet of content on your page that provides the best answer in a 40-50-word snippet. While similar principles apply to the new triple-featured snippet test, Google appears to be focused on a shorter snippet of text to fit within the space available, which appears to be up to 28 words.

Moving forward, it could be smart to consider how well your content is optimized for featured snippets that have a maximum of 28 words as the parameter (rather than using only a maximum of 50 words as the reference parameter). Despite the fact that this is still just a test, I wouldn’t be surprised if this was launched soon. Keep an eye out for the opportunities that arise – it could mean your site has moved from the bottom to the top of SERPs overnight!


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