Now Your Mobile Will Vibrate While Watching Netflix Movies

Netflix is testing a new feature with Netflix Movies, that will vibrate your smartphone as per the details in the movie, just like console controllers.

All of us heard about console controllers vibrating when something intense happening in the game. Some movie threaters have also incorporated vibration in their chairs to enchance the experience.

Now, Netflix is experimenting with something similar for the people who watch Netflix Movies and TV series on their mobile phones.

This is still a hidden feature which Netflix is not talking about, but one of the famous companies, Hack Day, has an employee which released some new and emerging ideas in the market has shown a number of experiences including your mobile vibrating as your watch Netflix.

Mobile vibrating during watching Netflix Movies and TV Series

“When you see your favorite Voltron episode, after a suspicious pause, there will be a huge explosion – your phone starts to vibrate.
The Project Rumble Pak Hacker Day project explores how touch enhances what you are watching.

Every time you explode, swords and lasers explode, you will get force feedback to enhance your excitement.
For this project, we used Immersion Corporation technology to synchronize Netflix content with haptic effects.

Netflix‘s blog post

In easy words, Netflix will be a lot like playing a video game, without the playing part!

Still, we will not be surprised by the idea of incorporating it into the Netflix app. Despite the fact that most of the people are on the Phones these days, will going to love it as it makes Netflix Movies and TV series much more interactive.

Adding haptic feedback can bring a number of immersions that what a person used to as per a large TV. It is one of those updates which you either going to love it or hate it right away, but obviously, Netflix will be giving an option to turn off the vibration.


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