Japan Releases “Lickable TV” To Taste The Food From The Screen

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Lickable TV has been made by a Japanese professor which allowers the viewers to taste the food, right from the TV screen.

Ever wondered how the taste of the food that your favorite chef is making would taste like? This new TV would allow you to do that!

The TV is called Taste the TV (TTTV) that uses 10 flavor canisters carousel that sprays to create the taste of the food that you see on the screen.

First-hand users tried the sample taste on the TV screen for the first time.

Home Miyashita, Professor at Meiji University said this is the kind of futuristic technology that will change how people interact and connect with food.

The main aim of this technology is to give users an experience to try restaurants at home, says the professor.

Miyashita worked with the 30 students that produced several flavored-related devices to keep the taste accurate.

Japanese Lickable TV Price

The TTTV (also known as Lickable TV) will cost $875.

Professor Miyashita is currently in talks with the famous pizza outlets to have this for their customers.


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