Google Enables Continuous Scrolling On Mobile Search Results

Soon scrolling through your Google search results on mobile will become a smoother and less segmented experience. In many scenarios, the first links provided by the search engine satisfy us, but there are others where instead we go deeper and end up browsing pages and pages of results.

Google has shared data in this regard, revealing that those who want more information tend to browse up to four search pages. This is why he thought it was time to intervene and make everything more straightforward and more intuitive, replicating the effect of social media newsfeeds with an infinite flow of information, which continues to renew itself under our fingertips.

The solution, therefore, is continuous scrolling: that is, the possibility of continuing to scroll down without having to change the page, with the results that will be loaded gradually (or finger to finger, if you prefer).

Although in the animation provided by Google, the “See More” button is not present, the dedicated post on the official blog instead mentions it, implying that it has not been deleted and that its appearance has been postponed a lot.

It, therefore, seems that the continuous scrolling is not infinite but very prolonged. The section of related searches remains unchanged, which will appear at the usual height.

This small but significant novelty is already being distributed in the United States. From Mountain View, they did not know what the plans are for other regions of the globe, so we do not know when we will benefit from it.

However, to the eye, it seems like one of those changes destined to arrive soon worldwide to standardize the pivotal experience of the Google galaxy, the point from which everything originates, that is the search.


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