Which Squid Game Character Are You? (QUIZ)

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Do you want to see which Squid Game character you are? Find out by answer simple questions and share the results with your friends!

Take the Squid Game quiz and find out!

The Squid Game has proven incredibly popular since its release last year, with over 80 million users worldwide trying to find out which of the nine-game characters they most identify with. The Squid Game Quiz will run you through simple questions about yourself and determine which Squid Game character you most resemble or help you figure out which traits you want to emphasize in your gameplay. Try it today!

Make sure to share with them which squid game character they are after sharing on social media.

It’s not news that millions of people worldwide love to play Squid Games. The addictive nature of their gameplay has millions hooked, but why do people like certain games over others?

Are you all about the challenge, or maybe you’re more into the community? Whatever your passion may be, we want to know which Squid Game character most represents who you are as a player.


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