Top 10 Most Followed Social Media Influencers (2021) 


Cristiano Ronaldo

Total Following

517 Million

Football superstar Ronaldo is the most followed person on Facebook and Instagram. 


Justin Bieber

Total Following

455 Million

Justin is the most followed superstar in the Music industry. 


Ariana Grande

Total Following

429 Million

Ariana ranks as the second most followed musical artist. 


Selena Gomez

Total Following

425 Million

Salena is just a few million followers behind to be the second most followed artist. 


Taylor Swift

Total Following

316 Million

Taylor Swift is on third in the face to be the most followed in the music industry.


Dwayne Johnson

Total Following

342 Million

Dwayne, from being a wrestler to a movie star, has a vast social media following.


Katy Perry

Total Following

338 Million

From singing to become the judge in singing shows, Katy Perry is holding the 7th spot! Fireworks! 


Kylie Jenner

Total Following

333 Million

Who doesn’t know her? The 24-year-old is a model and a businesswoman (owner of Kylie Cosmetics). 



Total Following

332 Million

A singer-turned fashion designer and businesswoman is still trending on social media despite not releasing any hit lately.


Kim Kardashian

Total Following

319 Million

Kylie Jenner’s sister, who is famous for “obvious” reasons, has made it to the 10th spot. Who remembers her iconic photo?

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