Hongmeng To Release In US, UK, and Canada With The Name Ark OS

Huawei has confirmed that the Hongmeng, their new OS will be released with a new name Ark OS for their users living in the United States, Europe, UK, and Canada. To start battling against the world famous Android.

Google’s Android system took five years to complete from 2003 till 2008, but this new OS by Huawei took them 7 years, and was completed in January 2018, Huawei recently claimed that Ark OS will be 60 times faster than Android.

Meanwhile, Hongmeng OS and Ark OS are the same things, launched with different names for different regions. Hongmeng is exclusive to the Chinese Asian market, while Ark OS is for people having English, German and Spanish as their native language which mostly lives in Europe, the United States and Canada.

Adding more to it, Huawei has registered the brand name Ark OS in Europe. And it will release in September 2019.

Ark Os trademark information

Not just Ark, Huawei has registered five brand names in Europe;

  1. Huawei Ark OS
  2. Ark OS
  3. Huawei Ark
  4. Ark
  5. Huawei Ark Compiler

The EUIPO (The European Union Intellectual Property Office) received the formal application from Huawei on 24th May 2019.

Why Hongmeng or Ark OS is faster than Android?

Many people have been asking why Hongmeng or Ark OS is faster than Android. The answer is, Huawei made it for their own Mobile Phones, and they optimized their software solely for their own devices.

They have been benchmark the Android performance on their devices, and have achieved much better results than Android.

Ark OS release date in the US, Europe, UK, and Canada

It is coming out of September 2019! Huawei hasn’t confirmed the day yet but the month is confirmed. People will start getting Hongmeng or Ark updates on their Huawei smartphones in this month.

This is how the User Interface of Hongmeng and Ark OS looks like

Hongmeng Ark OS huawei UI UX

And the other one is here. These are the only screenshots we got.

Hongmeng Ark OS huawei UI UX 2

What do you think about this new OS? Will it compete with the tech giant Android? Let us know in the comment box below.

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  1. Good, the whole world should not be dominated by a few companies. Competitiveness is crucial. The fee for selling softwares in phones should be cheaper soon.
    Everybody should support the new OS​ to have competitiveness in the market.

    1. Francis khoo says:

      Yes I agree we should support the new OS and should not allow the American company’s to control. Good work Huawei.

  2. If Huawei really optimize Hongmeng OS like Apple did for iOS to iPhone, its gonna revolutionize Android.

    Imagine if its 60x faster, requiring less Hardware capability ie cheaper cost, yet super performance & battery saving beating all existing smartphone.

    If Huawei open up to other phone vendors, it will kill off Google. But likely HW will follow Apple model to keep inhouse.

    Samsung will niw rush to roll out own OS, but 6yrs later…

    US & Google has shot both of its own feet. It has killed off Google monopoly, and end NSA outright global data stealing & spying capability via Android OS. Now Google is facing a formidable innovative competitor, like Cisco network obsolete by HW.

    1. I guess you’ve never heard of Tizen before?

  3. Trump makes China to be great again. Welcome Huawei new OS.