8 Android Q Features That Make It A Better Android OS

Android q features notification control
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We have recently talked about the smartphones that are getting Android Q update, today we will talk about its features.

Android Q has a built-in Dark Theme

android q dark theme
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For starters Dark Theme helps in saving a huge chunk of battery. Previously released android system didn’t have this option, but the new Android Q features includes a built in Dark Theme, which can help your battery by 30% without needing any third party app.

Better Gesture Controls

Android q features gesture controls
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Cutting long details into short, With Android Q, you will see no difference between iPhone’s gestures as Android is finally getting to iPhone’s benchmark in navigation.

Users will experience a smooth, glitch less experience while using this new Android OS.

Battery Saving

Android q features battery saver
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One of the Android Q Features includes that it will disable battery saver upon reaching 90%. This will help to enhance your battery life. Because previous versions of Android used to disable battery saving as soon as you plug in your charger.

Enabling battery saving mode while charging will also double the charging speed.

Sharing Wifi is easy now

Android q features sharing wifi
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You do not need to be a technical wizard to share your wifi, Android Q now allows sharing Wifi which is a latest version of Hotspot which now supports Wifi sharing.

You can share it just by allowing other person to scan your QR code.

Emergency Information

Android has just enhanced the UI of emergency information, other than this, there was no big change added to it. But Android has added more options and customization to your Emergency panel.

Smart Reply

Android q features smart reply
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This is going to make your life easy, Google’s AI will read what kind of replying you are doing to what kind of messages, it creates a pattern and gives you relevant text reply cards to send instantly.

Google ensured that none of the data processed by their new AI is being shared and is totally secure and designed for the easiness of Android users.

Better Information Control

Android q features notification control
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Google also added many UI changes to their notification system in latest android OS, this will help people who receive lots of notifications can now manage it by giving your notifications colors and assign them as per priority.

Better Battery Management (Shock Proof)

Android q features battery timing

As Galaxy Fold’s battery was getting destroyed, Android has made sure that Android OS Q helps the smartphones having a safe battery. With this, it will cut the probability of burning smartphones battery by 50% which is a sigh of relief for android users.

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