If You Use Same Password For Multiple Accounts, You Must Change It NOW

Most of us use the same password to a number of social accounts to login. We understand that most of the people do it so they can remember it easily but it can make it easier for hackers to gain access to all of your accounts.

As per a survey conducted by Google, youth are more sane when it comes to securing accounts online social media accounts.

As per Harris Poll which surveyed a sample of 3,000 adults told that 78 percent of the Generation Z (Ageing from 16 to 23 years old) are using the same password for number of their accounts holding precious data.

This survey was taken place in the United States to understand the behavior and beliefs of online security.

A person should not be a security expert to be safe online. They must not need to understand the details of what a security certificate does or need to remember a complex passwords for eery account they make.

Product manager for Chrome Security, Emily Schechter at Google Told.

People having over 50 plus age uses the same password for multiple accounts, which makes 60 percent of the 50 plus adults. Meanwhile, 67 percent of the people ageing 25 to 49 years old have the same behavior of using the same password.

If you’re one of them then you might consider changing your password immediately, change it to a secure one. Security experts suggest using Uppercase, Lowercase, a number and a special character password, which should look like (HelloWorld123#@!).

Hackers use Phishing tactics to gain access to your passwords and stealing your one password mean stealing your entire internet identity. But surprizingly more young adults are sane about their security as 72 percent of Gen Z are sure that they will never become a victim of phishing scam whereas 44 percent of them knew what actually Phishing is. 25 to 49 year olds were unable to understand what Phishing scam means.

Best way to avoid any trick of Phishing is to enable 2FA Authentication it will allow you to enter a unique code every-time you sign in.


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