Man Swallows AirPods To Check If They Work In His Stomach

Man Swallows AirPods, Surprised To Know They Work In His Stomach

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A man in Taiwan swallows AirPods to see if they’re reliable enough to work inside his body and surprisingly they kept working!

Reported by DailyMail, Apple AirPod were successfully taken out of his body after they stay inside his body for a day. Ben Hsu was surprised to realize that Apple Airpod worked inside his stomach.

This incident took place when Ben Hsu was asleep with the pair of AirPods was still in his ear. When he woke up he was unable to find his AirPods and used iPhone tracking feature to find that device. He could hear the beeping wherever he was going but he couldn’t find it after a while he realized that one of the airports were in his stomach.

When I woke up I tried to search one of my Airpods around the bed but couldn’t find it. I tried to search it from the iPhone tracking and realized the beeping was coming from my body.

Ben Hsu said, who is the navy recruiter, from Kaohsiung, Taiwan’s south-western port city of

Ben Hsu was rushed to Kaohsiung Municipal United Hospital where doctors confirmed that he swallowed Airpods, and it is currently going through his digestive system. The doctor gave him a laxative and told him that if Airpod doesn’t show up after he goes to the toilet the next day, then he would need surgery.

Fortunately, It came out when Ben used the toilet the next day. After that Ben claimed the AirPod battery was still 41% even after it stays inside him. Dr. Chen Chieh-fan said the plastic used in AirPods is very safe that even if one swallows it doesn’t give anyone harm.

Dr. Chen Chieh-fan further said if one swallows it by mistake, it comes out of the body easily as compared to the battery cells, if battery cells go inside your body, you would need surgery to remove it.

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