TikTok is Launching Their Own Smartphone, TikTok Smartphone

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TikTok’s parent company ByteDance is soon launching their own Android Smartphone. As per reports from Financial Times, this new smartphone will come preloaded with ByteDance’s applications, which includes Jinri Toutiao, a news aggregator. As well as TikTok is also reportedly launching their own Music streaming service.

Financial Times report further elaborated that CEO of ByteDance, Zhang Yiming has said that it has been his dream to have his own smartphone preloaded with their own apps. TikTok also sealed a deal with Smartisan, a Chinese based smartphone making company this year.

CEO Zhang Timing also said that they have hired some Smartisan employees to help ByteDance explore more business opportunities and help them build a perfect smartphone.

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This report does not discuss what would be the phone design and its user interface or the market they will launch it first, but it is discussed that ByteDance/TikTok is more careful after US and Google ban Huawei. But TikTok is facing Huawei-Like situation in India after TikTok has been banned in India after the Government labeled it Anti-Cultural for the country.

Financial Times also said that it is going to be very tough for TikTok smartphone to get success as Amazon and Facebook both launched their smartphones with the same strategy of preloading their own apps but both companies discontinued their smartphones very soon.

Similarly, in Facebook smartphone users can do the same things which they can do on other smartphones, which is a challenge TikTok will also face. On the other side, Meitu, Chinese selfie app also got into partnership with Xiaomi.

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