Huawei’s OS Hongmeng Set To Launch In September 2019

Huawei’s new operating system Hongmeng has finally got a release that and that is September 2019. In other news, Hongmeng is way faster than android.

After Trump led administration is determined to blacklist Huawei, immediately stopping any sort of trade or services between the United States and the company. First Android and Google then Intel, Qualcomm, and ARM cut its ties, made Huawei unable to produce any more smartphones as the chipset supply was halted.

Meanwhile, tackling all these consequences, Huawei instantly announced that they will be releasing their own Operating System on which they had been working for the last 7 years.

Hongmeng Release Date

Huawei OS Hongmeng Set To Lunch In June

Huawei’s Hongmeng OS was ready in January 2018, and the first-ever stable release date is September 2019. There is no specific day that has been communicated by Huawei’s administration, but this is confirmed that June is the release date for the new Operating System.

Before this, United States government had lifted the ban for 90 days on Huawei to settle all sort of deals but then the ban was put again when Huawei announced that they will be launching their own OS.

As well as, Android has also halted any updates and security patches for Huawei users currently using their smartphones with Android installed. Meaning they won’t be able to get updates or run Google-produced apps such as Youtube, Google Maps and Google Assistant.

While giving an interview to Tech Radar, Managing Director and Vice President of Huawei Middle East Group, Alaa Elshimy said;

Huawei knew that the US will put sanctions on them, and we have been preparing our own OS for so long. Hongmeng was fully developed in January 2018 but we had put it as plan B. We did not want to introduce our own OS to ensure we maintain a strong relationship with Google and others. Now, everyone is backing off from us so now is the time we implement Plan B.

Alaa Elshimy to Tech Radar

See the Screenshots of Hongmeng here.


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