Gamesir X2 Pro Review: Xbox Cloud Gaming At An Affordable Cost

Gamesir X2 Pro is the best companion if you’re a gaming enthusiast. It supports Xbox cloud gaming like no one else and gives you an excellent cloud gaming experience.

Gamesir X2 Pro Review

UPDATE: We are posting this update after 12 days of using this product, and we can say that their app is really bad, it doesn’t connect to your device, and keeps giving the same error. And this is the reason why their app has a 1 out of 5 rating on the Play store.

As for the device, it is pretty useless if it doesn’t connect to your device. We have tried connecting it with different devices but got no response, The brand new device is just lying there with no use. Gamesir should really work on their app and compatibility.

Our Final Verdict

Not Recommended.

⭐⭐2/5 Rating


  • Great support for Xbox cloud gaming
  • Affordable as compared to competitors
  • No worrying about the battery timing
  • Exclusive Xbox cloud gaming button
  • Comfortable grip
  • Free Xbox Game Pass Ultimate code in the box


  • Poor application
  • Does not connect easily
  • No post-sales support
  • Only supports C-type devices
  • No option for Bluetooth connection
  • No support for iPhone
  • Very poor compatibility

What’s in the box?

In the box, you will find the following things:

  • Stickers
  • Controller
  • Manual
  • Xbox Game Pass Ultimate Code
  • Warranty Card
  • Cover
  • Grip Covers
gamesir x2 pro box

Their delivery is efficient and fast, and you will get the product within a week.

Xbox GamePass Ultimate Free Code

One of the things that we loved about their product is that it supports Xbox cloud gaming, and obviously, not everyone has that facility to afford an Xbox game pass subscription. So they gave a free 1-month Xbox game pass ultimate code within the box, allowing all their users to get a glimpse of playing AAA Xbox games on their smartphones.

Xbox game pass ultimate free code with gamesir

You will not be paying anything to get the code as it is free and included in the package.

Best support for Xbox cloud gaming

We previously reviewed the C-type Gamesir X2, which had difficulty configuring for the cloud gaming platforms. Gamesir solved that problem with their new X2 Pro console by enhancing their product by adding the support for Xbox cloud gaming, which seems to be gaining significant market share in the gaming industry.

Gamesir X2 Pro in box

All you gotta do is scan the QR code to download the app, attach your controller with your mobile, and the app will do its’ magic right there and then the moment you connect it.

They have also given a dedicated Xbox button; whenever your phone is attached to the controller, the moment you press the Xbox button, it will launch the game pass app. To do so, you have an Xbox app on your phone.

Better grips

Our first reaction was, “Wow! It’s premium and comfy” We loved how the controller felt in hand. We played PUBG Mobile and Call of Duty, and the response time was perfect!

For the Xbox option, we played Gears 5, and it picked up the settings quickly.

X2 Pro grips


It supports all the C-type devices; if your device doesn’t have a C-type, then, unfortunately, it won’t support it.

To help you configure mobile settings for all the games, you have on your phone, download their app.

App and Buttons

6 Buttons help you to get ahead in the game. The positioning of these buttons is perfectly aligned with the fingers.

8 buttons support gamesir x2 pro

So, after getting this, you do not need any more grips or accessories to get ahead in the game.

Good, this is that its’ buttons Y X A B can be switched, just like the keys of a mechanical keyboard.

Gamesir X2 Pro vs. Razer Kishi

We compared these two altogether and found X2 Pro is giving more value to your money.

X2 ProRazer Kishi
Supports C-TypeOnly supports iPhone
It has a dedicated appHave an iPhone app
Have support for Xbox Cloud GamingSupports Nvidia GeForce Now
It doesn’t support a Bluetooth connectionIt doesn’t support a Bluetooth connection
Gives out free Game Pass Ultimate codesIt does not offer anything

Just a quick note, X2 Pro also supports GeForce Now, but you’ll need extra customization to get the perfect settings.

Where to get it?

X2 Pro in cover

You can get it from amazon. The price of the Gamesir X2 Pro is $69.

We loved this accessory as gaming enthusiasts. It adds value to the gameplay, smooths your gameplay, and the direct connection allows no latency!


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