You Don’t Need An Xbox Console Anymore To Play XBOX Games

You can now play Halo on a smart TV too: Microsoft unveiled a new Xbox app that’s exclusive to Samsung for now.

Microsoft’s Xbox App will arrive on June 30 with more than 100 Xbox Game Pass Ultimate titles, including Forza Horizon 5, Sea of Thieves, and Halo Infinite, available via the cloud.

Streaming games like Halo and Forza on your Samsung set will require a paid Game Pass Ultimate subscription (the first month costs $1, then $14.99 a month after that). You can stream Fortnite for free if you don’t want to pay a subscription.

In addition, a Bluetooth controller such as an Xbox Wireless Controller or PlayStation DualSense controller will be required once you log into your Microsoft account and download the new app. Samsung Smart TVs 2022 are also required.

In the future, Microsoft plans to explore other TV partnerships as part of this next evolution of its Xbox App. At the moment, the Xbox App is exclusive to Samsung.

Microsoft has already made Xbox Cloud Gaming available on PCs, consoles, phones, and tablets. Microsoft’s streaming gaming service will be available for the first time on smart TVs. Additionally, there has been talking of a streaming box for Xbox Cloud Gaming, but it has not yet materialized.

LG smart TVs got apps for GeForce Now and Google Stadia late last year, while Samsung got Microsoft’s Xbox App first. PlayStation Now is Sony’s competing cloud gaming service, which is available only on PCs and PlayStation 4 and 5 consoles.


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