8 Tips on How To Be A Good Email Marketing Specialist in 2023

As a good email marketing specialist, keep up with these fast-paced global trends in 2023.

Over the years, Email marketing has been deemed a failing prospect in digital marketing. But this doe not come as any surprise that, in 2023, as many as 37% of companies plan to invest more money in this marketing channel.

The US Salary Data and Career Research Centre state that email marketers are now paid better than other types of digital specialists. Couple it with AI and the rise of automation; email marketing translates as perhaps the most effective marketing channel in today’s hyper-connected digital world.

What Does An Email Marketing Specialist Do?

So before we jump into dishing out our tips on how to be a good Email marketing specialist, for those reading this piece out of sheer interest, let’s first see the basics of how these specialists work.

These specialists are responsible for user activations, regulating engagement rate, retention of growth, and product conversion, to state a few. An Email marketing specialist manages how customers stay on new plans, churn rate, and promote adoption of new features.

Email marketers are also responsible for the general technical structure from managing deliverability, data streams, monitoring email campaign analytics, overall performance, using emails as leverage for business growth, etc. In short, they are the gatekeepers of information flow.

Now that we know how Email Marketing specialists work, let’s see how one can actually do an outstanding job in a world as competitive as today.

1. Segmentation And Targeting

In 2023, marketing emails NEED to be sent to the right person, at the right time, and with the right content relevant to the addressee. The following tools might come in handy for this purpose:

  • Preference points
  • Dynamic, unique content
  • Segmenting your contacts on basis of Engagement scoring
  • Behavior-based targetting

2. Personalisation

Once you’re done collecting valuable data on your contacts, next comes the extremely important aspect of personalization. Engage your contacts by personalizing the emails with reference to a trending event, any item they last bought from your brand, or prompt a renewal date for their membership if it is about to be due. 

Don’t be too direct, but make your copy unique by simply addressing your reader by their first name in the middle of a paragraph, rather than the standard static greeting at the start.

3. More Interaction, Less Graphics

Interactive emails are going to be better received in 2023 than the previous bland promotional campaigns. This implies making an effort to rethink your brand campaigns and mold them into straightforward, engaging content. A branded, styled text email that perhaps has one graphic as header and clear CTA will just do the trick.

4. Do Not Underestimate The Power of Storytelling

Gone are the days when one promotional email would suffice. Now, brands have to build a narrative that hits home with the user. And to do it repeatedly. Especially with readers who are hard to engage. Storytelling requires a brand to have a strong personal voice. Brands will now have to design stronger tones in order to build a lasting brand personality. 

5. Email Automation

How to make your email stand out among hundreds of emails a consumer? Use tools like marketing automation. Marketing automation platforms collect data and can be used to segment, target, personalize, trigger timely communications, and even predict future consumer behavior. To compete in the digital marketing world, you’ll have to expand the use of automation tools for your strategy, especially those performed manually.

6. Privacy: It Matters More Than Ever

Today, contacts are more aware of their privacy and data rights than ever. So any brand or business looking to gain loyalty and trust with their users in 2023 will have to be 100% across their local privacy laws, comply with SPAM Act, and use common sense more than anything else.

7. Strategy

Times like pandemic have instilled a new sense of business all around the world. 2023 will be seen as the year of putting strategy at the front of your email marketing. If brands want to heal from the harsh effects of Covid-19, they need to concentrate on chalking out an appropriate strategy this year. This shall help them identify the tools and software required for successful digital campaigns.

8. Strong Call to Action

After receiving your email, your customers should take action in the form of engaging with your brand by making a purchase or contacting the business for details about the products you offer. Give a straight idea about what you are offering to your readers with a simple CTA!

That’s all for now! Happy strategizing! Go get ’em!!!


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