Digital Marketing Internship: Why Is It Important?

With the Covid-19 pandemic, talking about possibilities of employment has become a moral duty. Today, Digital Phablet addresses the issue of unemployment by stressing the importance of our work. Let’s talk digital marketing and the possibility of (futher) employment a digital marketing internship offers.

Is It Time To (Re) Invent Yourself with a Digital Marketing Internship?

It’s never too late to become someone new or to find new solutions to your present. Undoubtedly, Covid-19 accelerated the digital transition of any industry on earth. It’s not all about familiarizing with Zoom or Gsuite: people need to be present online to survive. Not just that: they need to be noticed in an industry that is constantly growing in size and engagement, as SmartInsights demonstrated. For the same reason, you should definitely benefit from the digital marketing market, no matter your background. Why don’t you start with a digital marketing internship?

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You Can Be Anyone With a Digital Marketing Internship

Digital marketing is a generic term to describe an emerging field in the study of marketing. Despite attempts to boycott it, digital marketing has become a very broad field, offering different options of career expression to newbies. As a digital marketing intern, you could work in basic roles as:

  1. Copywriter;
  2. Social Media Manager;
  3. Paid Advertiser;
  4. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Analyst;
  5. Community Manager;
  6. Email Marketer
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Source: SmartInsights

What Do These Roles Entail?


Copywriters persuasively write the contents behind any video, blog, ebook, or even social media post. Their writing follows the guidelines developed by strategists. Content writers may write on many subjects, and to serve different kinds of material. If you don’t enjoy writing a lot, or it takes a lot of time for you to come up with one original paragraph, don’t go for this position. The role of copywriter – when it comes to social media – may overlap that of a social media manager.

Social Media Manager

The Social Media Manager is the person who is responsible to gather content such as images, graphics, user-generated content (UGE), generate an Editorial Plan (EP), and post on the brand’s pages. The ultimate objective of a Social Media Manager is to make a brand’s profile grow on social media. This growth is generated by organic – that he or she implements – and paid strategies – that the paid advertiser implements, based on the digital strategist’s guidelines.

Community Manager

Organic strategies are strategies that the brand does not pay a given platform for, that push user to see the content and follow the brand. Some of the most common strategy to grow online rely on comments and answers to comments, and DMs.

For this reason, even though it may seem to overlap with the Social Media Manager’s role, the Community Manager role exists. The community manager keeps a brand’s online community engaged. Since he or she does not rely on paid strategy, his work is to maximize the reach that social platforms give brands for free.

He or she is the voice of the brand and has to manage any kind of comment, even hate, according to one brand guidelines.

Paid Advertiser

When a brand pays for visibility the strategies are called paid. The paid advertiser invest a given budget to generate views and conversions for the brand, according to this latter’s purpose. Does the brand sell or merely need to improve awareness? While the difficulty of this job varies, it’s not difficult to learn the dynamics of paid advertising even for starters – that have to manage small budgets in the beginning, though.

SEO Analyst

How many pages do you check after performing research on Google? Only the first ones, right? You’re not alone. Users like you account for more than 3.5 billion searches through Google every day. Therefore, the position where the content appears is nonetheless important.

An SEO Analyst ensures that a website and its contents have been developed to show in the first positions of the search engines’ results page. How do they do so? They understand keywords, analyze trends in the market, and make sure to get backlinks and follow guidelines.

Email Marketer

Another entry-level profession is that of an email marketer. Given consent on data, businesses may email customers weekly or monthly to promote offers, announce sales, and even inspire the users.

These emails encourage positive action by customers towards the brand, and they are vital to generating customer retention.

5 Reasons Why Digital Marketing is Relevant to Today’s World

1. Easy to Apply Somewhere in Any Sector

The dynamics of digital marketing, once understood and learned, can be applied to any sector, even for your own personal brand, which is nonetheless important to be hired. Of course, they’ll vary. You won’t be able to apply the same move you performed for a Fashion brand if you start working from scratch on your personal brand. But you will be more aware of the dynamics and test anything to make yourself grow in the digital world.

2. Great Approach to Work

In digital marketing, everything is relevant. To make your campaign work, you need a scientific method to work. This method is based on research, experimentation, and consistency mainly.

Such an approach is useful and can be replicated for any marketing jobs, and even to build your own enterprise in the future.

3. Flexible Schedule/ Remote Working

You just need an internet connection and a laptop to work. What does it mean? Freedom!

You can work from anywhere in the world and enjoy your time at home if you need it. Being a digital marketer professional paves the way for giving you the time to organize your daily routine freely.

4. Self-Expression

You can put yourself in everything you do. From writing to strategizing, you can really choose what to prioritize. What matters is the result, which – in the case of digital marketing – can be tracked easily.

5. Meritocracy

The digital marketing field is very meritocratic: your engagement rewards, always. If you follow the right steps, you’ll get what you want and where you want. This is because data are easily tracked and so are results. For this reason, you can accelerate your career easily, above all if you keep pushing.

So what are you waiting for? Get started now! 🙂

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