How To Connect Your Discord Account With Playstation 5?

The announced partnership between Sony and Discord is taking shape: it is now possible to connect your discord account with your PS5.

No surprise here, but an application of a promise. In May 2021, Discord and Sony announced the signing of a partnership to integrate Discord and PlayStation Network. With its latest update, Discord makes this signature a reality.

It becomes possible to link your PlayStation Network account with a Discord account from today. The latter announces a gradual deployment starting with the United States.


If Discord does not offer you to connect your accounts together, here is the procedure.

On Discord, go to User Settings

You can find it in the settings tab.

In the first section, “user settings,” go to “connection.”

The first setting is User and then Connection.

The option “Connect with PlayStation” should appear

A pop-up will appear.

Sign in with your PlayStation account;

Make sure to use the account you want to connect to carefully.

Accept the Connection between the two services.

And you’re done connecting your services!


  • Discord


  • PS5

Materials: Discord account

Lo and behold, it will now be easier to play together, especially if you play cross-platform games like Destiny.

This integration is not a first, and Discord already offers the same type of Connection with Steam,, Xbox, or even Spotify and Twitch. It also advertises your PlayStation Network ID on your profile to make it easy for your Discord friends to add you on PS4 and PS5.

What is the benefit of connecting the discord account with PS5?

This Connection, therefore, allows for the moment to enrich the profile on Discord. If you have activated the activity status, your friends on Discord will be able to see if you have launched a game on PlayStation 5.


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