Sony Releases Reon Pocket 2 Wearable AC for $138

TOKYO: Sony has released a wearable AC Reon Pocket 2 that will stick to your body and keep it cool!

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Last year Sony launched an app after crowdfunding. On its own platforms, which is a follow-up product to the Reon pocket. The app has a controlled wearable air conditioner. According to Sony, the design of Reon pocket 2 looks similar to its original model. But its latest designs can hold two times the level of heat, absorption which leads towards more strong cooling performance. There is improved sweat proofing in the Reon pocket 2, which allows it to be more Suitable For exercising situations.

sony wearable AC

This year Sony is emphasizing more versatile use cases – particularly golf. Still, its prior model was mostly sold as something to wear with a special undershirt so people can survive summers easily. Sony company has partnered with a brand of sportswear Which includes Descente, Munsingwear, Le Coq, and Sportif, to manufacture a collection of golf clothing that comes with pockets for the placement of the device.

Reon Pocket 2

A neckstrap accessory has been designed by Sony so that the neckstrap can use it with regular clothing. But you would have to purchase some pocketed undershirts first from Sony.

The Reon Pocket 2 has slim and palm size. It can charge over USB C and can be connected to Android or IOS through Bluetooth. It looks like a Sony gadget and is covered with white plastic. On the back, there is a silicon pad that can be pressed. Through the Peltier, it can simply warm or cool itself by releasing and absorbing the heat. The Sony’s special v necks undershirts, which provide pockets between shoulder blades for the placement of the device, are highly promoted.

Reon Pocket 2 Price

In Japan, the Reon pocket 2 released for 14,850 yen which is almost USD 138 dollars.

Would you buy it for an affordable cost? Let us know in the comments section.


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