Xiaomi Electric Car Price And Everything You Need To Know

Xiaomi electric car price will be $21,599. Reuters reported that the smartphone giants from China are to market the vehicles under their own brands.

Reuters reported that China’s Xiaomi brand is planning on joining the electric car market on late Thursday. Citing three unidentified sources described as having direct knowledge regarding the matter. Xiaomi is one of the largest smartphones in this world, and it further plans to use the great wall motor factory for the production of vehicles under its own brand.

Reuters reported that, in line with Xiaomi’s strategy for electronic products, it has planned to market the vehicles towards the mass market. Scooter rental companies use the electric scooters made by Xiaomi all across the world.

Reuters reported that in the early Next week, the partnership would be announced between Great wall motor and Xiaomi.


According to the market researcher, Xiaomi ranks third as the largest smartphone maker worldwide, with 11.2 percent. It was dealt a setback in January, but the company was placed on the blacklist by the Trump administration, which prevented organizations and US citizens from investing in the company over alleged ties to the Chinese military. Earlier this month, a US federal judge issued an order which temporarily blocked that ban.

Xiaomi, the Chinese electronic company, teamed up with Lamborghini last year to create the ultimate go-kart. It was not the first step of this Chinese electronics company into the automotive industry. Under the Redmi brand built-in collaboration, This Chinese company Xiaomi released its own SUV.

Mi Xiaomi car

This Chinese tech company is known for its laptops, smartphones, and other home appliances, but now Xiaomi is planning to build an electric car that will be the rival of Tesla and the brand new upcoming Apple car.

Xiaomi is not the only brand that wants to enter the auto industry either instead, Huawei is also looking forward to building several electric cars. 

According to the Chinese media, the CEO of Chinese company Lei Jun will lead the project to make sure it fulfills the expectations. 


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