Suez Canal Live View Stream with Map and Updates About Blocked Ship

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Watch Suez Canal live view from the map. Watch how Evergiven ship has blocked one of the world’s most important sea routes.

Suez Canal Live Satellite

This suez canal live view map is updated after every few minutes;

Suez Canal Live Updates

March 29, 6:44 pm: Evergiven ship is floating again, Suez Authority released a video.

(March 29, 07:18am): Senior correspondent of The National, Joyce Karam, confirmed the news of Ever Green has been unstuck from Suez Canal, tweeted the video.

(March 29, 7:04am): Ever Green Container ship that blocked the Suez Canal finally refloated again, the report confirmed by Inchcape Maritime Service

(March 29, 12:24am): Syria starts stocking Fuel as the country braces for the severe fuel shortage due to the canal blockage.

(March 29, 12:20am): Suez Authority claims that the human error is behind the ship being stuck at the canal, Ever Green has Indian staff.

(March 29, 12:18am): The container ship trade rates have seen 60% increase, doubling the cost of trade from Asia to Europe.

(March 28, 10:00pm): Thousands of Animals that are stuck in the cargo ships on the Gulf of Suez are on the verge of dying as Egyptian authorities fail to solve Ever Green issue on the fifth day.

(March 28, 12:59PM): The ship was on its way from Malaysia to the Netherlands. It is owned by Japan, operated by Taiwan, managed by Germany, registered in Panama, and has an Indian staff.

(March 28, 10:24AM): Tissue rolls, furniture, coffee and fuel are expected to face global shortage due to the blockage at the canal.

(March 27, 9:32AM): The ship blockage is now causing the loss of $140 million every hour. The blockage is expected to continue for weeks as Egypt fails to keep the ship back on its track.


The giant container ship Ever Green is stuck on the suez canal, completely blocking the entry point of the canal causing severe traffic jam on the sea.

The vessel weighing 200,000-tonne was en route from the Red Sea to the Mediterranean was stuck on the Suez canal at 7:40 AM (5:40 GMT) on Tuesday after the ship’s engine failure.

This canal is the major route for shipping, which is now blocked due to the Ever Green ship blocked all the entry.

evergreen suez canal

According to the experts, this route is ideal for Ships as the African route has piracy risk. Egyptian sea authorities are working round the clock to keep this ship afloat again.

Suez Canal Map

suez canal map

This is a developing story, the blog will be updated after every few hours.


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