Huawei Stops Production Of New Phones After Huge Sales Drop

Huawei has ordered to cut down the production of new phones after the U.S Ban as sales have been drastically dropped, the latest report from news outlets.

Sources have told the famous tabloid South Morning China Post that Foxconn has immediately stopped production lines of some of the new Huawei phones as Huawei’s orders have declined to a greater extent.

While, for the already in market smartphones of Huawei, the phone makers are trying to adjust orders to meet the market conditions, it is unclear about the production of normal phones as the production has been lowered for the product line too.

Huawei P30 Pro
Huawei P30 Pro / Flickr

South Morning China Post has also been told by a Senior Executive at Huawei, that the company is rethinking their goals to become the world’s top smartphone maker by 2020 as US, Google, Intel, Qualcomm, and ARM completely banned keeping any sort of business with Huawei.

President of Honor, Zhao Ming, one of the Huawei’s smartphone brand line, told the media in a press briefing last Friday that Huawei is passing through a critical path, and currently watching and assessing everything very closely.

As an unexpected situation has emerged in front of the company. We are unable to say that we will be able to achieve our goal of becoming the top smartphone brand by 2020.

Zhao Ming responding to a question about Huawei’s plan to overtake Samsung as the world’s best smartphone brand by 2020 in a press briefing.

Huawei’s new smartphones have seen a significant drop in sales because of Google Apps will not be supported, and the OS and security patches updates will be halted within 90 days.

In addition to this, ARM also cut its ties with Huawei, putting Huawei’s future at risk as Huawei cannot produce any smartphones, as ARM is the major vendor of chipsets. Huawei also launching their new OS Hongmeng (in Asia), ARK OS in (US, Canada, and Europe) this month, which will support Android apps as well.

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