Apple’s New Mac Pro and Pro Display XDR – Price, Specs, Where To Buy

Apple has just unveiled its New Mac Pro and Pro Display XDR at the annual developer conference WWDC 2019. And where is its Price, specifications, review, and places to buy.

About two years ago, Apple as assured that the Mac computer is yet to be upgraded to meet the needs of professional users. And today, Apple has fulfilled its promise.

The new Mac Pro includes an entirely new modular design that seems to be an inspiration from an old Cheese Grater design. Three large Fans can be spotted at the front behind this beautiful looking aluminum grille, blowing air across the Mac at 300 cubic feet per minute to keep it cool.

First Look

This is how this new device looks from Apple and it’s new Pro Display XDR which will work with new Mac Pro, giving you an entirely new feel.

New Mac Pro Specifications

Apple New Mac Pro and Pro Display XDR Price Specs Where To Buy
  • 28-core Xeon CPU
  • 1.5TB of system memory.
  • 4TB of SSD storage.
  • MXP modules with four AMD Radeon Vega II Duo GPUs.
  • Afterburner hardware accelerator card.
  • Eight PCIe expansion slots.
  • 1.4kW of power supply

Pro Display XDR Specifications

Pro Display XDR Specifications
  • 32-inch display.
  • 6K Retina LCD display.
  • 20 million pixels.
  • 6,106 x 3,384 resolution.
  • Contrast ratio of 1,000,000:1.

How much New Mac Pro costs? – Price of New Mac Pro

How much New Mac Pro costs Price of New Mac Pro

According to straits times, new Mac Book will cost about $5,999 (S$9,215). Which will be available for public coming this fall in September 2019.

How Much Pro Display XDR costs? – Price of Pro Display XDR

Price of Pro Display XDR

Meanwhile, Pro Display XDR which will cost about USD$ 4,999 which is also coming this fall September 2019, alongside New Mac Pro. And this is a mandatory thing that goes along with your Mac Pro.

Where to buy new Mac Pro and Pro Display XDR?

People all around the world can get it from Apple stores upon its release. But, if one waits for a few days after the release, then people can get it from Amazon in an affordable price tag.

Above all, The fully equipped Mac Pro with Pro Display XDR will cost you a whopping price tag of US$ 35,000 as indicated by Hardware SG. The fully equipped Mac Pro might seem one of its kind but its price tag is way above most of the tech enthusiasts.


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