China Set To Ban Apple, Tesla and Microsoft After Huawei Ban

The United States issued a lock-up order against Huawei. Beijing is furious and announced that it will establish a “list of unreliable entities” to counterattack.

Everyone in the US technology industry is at risk. It is speculated that if China retaliates, it may be more affected, including Apple, Tesla, and Microsoft.

China Set To Ban Apple Tesla and Microsoft After Huawei Ban

The Washington Post and the New York Times reported that the mainland media alleged that the list of unreliable entities would punish institutions and individuals that harmed the interests of land-based enterprises but did not specify the companies and methods of retaliation.

The Chinese side hinted that the Ministry of Commerce will lock in foreign manufacturers that abandoned Huawei. So far, Google (Google) and chip design company ARM have stopped working with Huawei.

The Beijing authorities have not yet announced the entry into the list of unreliable entities, but as the Sino-US technology cold war heats up, the Silicon Valley giants seem to be unable to escape China’s lock. Facebook and Google have been blocked in China and should be less affected by disturbances.

But some companies are more vulnerable to Apple’s terms, the iPhone assembled in China, Dazhong China region is outside the United States and Europe, following Apple’s third-largest market. In addition, Tesla to build a factory in Shanghai, the annual production of 250,000 electric cars.

At the same time, Microsoft is also investing heavily in China, the size of the Beijing Research Laboratory, second only to the United States.

The new book “Tech Titans of China” is coming soon, author Rebecca Fannin said that if China and the United States continue to confront each other, two sets of technology standards (China and the United States) will appear soon; parts prices may rise, and companies pass the cost on to consumers. But both sides will also strengthen the innovation advantage, which will help the global economy.


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