Google Play Award 2019 Winners

Google Play Award 2019 Winners – Top Android Apps And Games

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Google has just declared the champions of Google Play awards of 2019. Google Play 2019 Award Winners point outs the top Android games and apps.

In 2019’s Google Play Awards focused a number of categories that point outs the games and app that provide the best user experiences on Android smartphones. Furthermore, there are three new categories in 2019 Google Play Awards, Best Living Room Experience, Most Inventive, and Most Beautiful Game.

List of Google Play Award 2019 Winners

Best Living Room Experience – Neverthink (WINNER)

neverthink app google play awards winner 2019

Apps that make, improve, or enable a prodigious living room experience that carries people organized.

Most Inventive App – TikTok (WINNER)

tiktok google play awards winner 2019

Games and Apps that show an innovative new use case, like apply new skills, provide to an exceptional audience or prove a ground-breaking application of smartphone technology for users.

Best Well-Being App – Woebot (WINNER)

woebot winner google play awards
Mind Tools IO

Best Accessibility App Experience – Envision AI (WINNER)

Envision app winner

Games and App allowing device communication in a ground-breaking way that helps people with disabilities or distinct needs.

Best Social Impact App – Wisdo (WINNER)


Games and Apps that generate an optimistic influence in societies around the world (focusing on health, teaching, crisis reaction, immigrants, and learning).

Most Beautiful Android Game – Shadowgun Legends (WINNER)

Shadowgun Legends google play winners
MMO Games

Games that demonstrate creativity or exceptional visual things either through creative images and/or utilizing progressive graphics API structures.

Standout Build for Billions Experience– Canva (WINNER)

Google Play

Games and Apps with enhanced performance, localization, and acculturalization for developing markets.

Best Breakthrough Android App – Slowly (WINNER)

Get Slowly

New apps with the outstanding total design, user experience, commitment and retaining, and robust growth.

Best Breakthrough Android Game – MARVEL Strike Force (WINNER)

marvel strike force

New games with the brilliant overall design, user involvement, assignation and preservation, and robust development.

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