Who Is a First Party Developer? and What Do They Do?

Console video games have opened great new opportunities for developers, especially for a First Party Developer. They are currently in high demand as the gaming industry is experiencing a boost.

Who is a First Party Developer?

A first-party developer is a developer in the video gaming industry, manufacturing video games solely for consoles. Nintendo used the term First-Party Developer for the first time for the developers of the Nintendo Switch console games.

Unlike the developers we see every day, hiring a first party developer involves a significant sum of monetary investment in the the console gaming industry, which goes wasted if the developer cannot produce a blockbuster game. For example, Warner Bros hired few first-party developers to make their CyberPunk 2077 game, which came out as one of the worst releases.

Why Becoming One Is Beneficial?

The first-party developers‘ primary job is to create a blockbuster game enriched with in-game transactions, such as Fortnite; it is a Free-to-Play game but makes most of the money by in-game microtransactions.

There are very few developers in the market. If someone learns it and enters the market, it will be valued at a much greater price than other developers.

As a first-party developer, you will earn more than $80,000 annually, which can increase if you can make your name in the industry.

Companies that hire First-Party Developers

These are some famous companies who are actively hiring, there will be more, but the list will be updated as soon as Digital Phablet gets more information;

Usually, these developers are the ones who dedicate their expertise to Console gaming, and we see many console games such as Ghost of Tsushima, Forza Horizon, God of War, and many others, which are super hit and have been a gold mine for the companies as more and more people buy their consoles to play it.


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