Apple To Introduce Self Charging MacBook in 2021 with MagSafe Support

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Apple is finally launching its first Self Charging MacBook Air and Pro in 2021 that will also support MagSafe functionality.

According to an internal source, this year, Apple Inc, is deciding to upgrade a Macbook Pro laptop with much faster processors with upgraded displays and a magnetic charger’s return.

Apple’s First Self Charging MacBook

The source confirmed that The new laptops are planned to release in two different sizes. A 16-inch version is internally dubbed J316, and a 14-inch model is codename J314.

The laptop will be using next-generation versions of Apple’s in-house Mac processors, updated with more cores and upgraded graphics, asking not to be named as the names have not been announced yet.

Apple is moving away from Intel chips

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The Verge

These devices will mark Apple’s first high-end laptops to move away from intel corp. Components. In November, to increase positive reviews, the company upgraded its base 13-inch Macbook Pro with its M1 chip.

The source further said that Apple is further planning to set up new displays in the Macbook Pros beyond adding powerful chips, including brighter, higher-contrast panels.

When will it launch?

The new Macs will have a few design changes, but it will look the same as the current versions. Around the mid of the year, Macbook Pro will be launched.


magsafe macbook
The Verge

The company will now be bringing back MagSafe. It is a magnetic power adapter, which means that if there’s any accidental yanking of the power cable, it will detach the power cable itself merely from the laptop rather than pulling down the entire computer.

With the help of MagSafe in the upcoming Macbook Pros, it will enable the laptops to charge faster. The connector will have the same design and elongated pill-shaped, just like the older MagSafe port.

Touchbar will be removed from next MacBooks

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Apple has also tested versions that remove the touch bar from the laptop’s keyboard in developing the next set of Mac laptops.

Apple is further deciding to redesign the Macbook Air. Still, it is not expected to be launched after the next Macbook Pros.

A spokeswoman from Apple did not respond immediately to a request for comment.


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