Google Pixel Foldable Phone To Release in 2022

Currently, Google is working on their foldable pixel phone. However, the company yet to confirm that they were exploring the idea based on a Google Pixel foldable phone patent. Whether or not such a device will materialize remains to be seen, but now it looks like a chance.

It may seem that Google will be looking to source their foldable displays from Samsung, as reported from TheElec. This foldable panel is about 7.6 inches. It is the same size as the Samsung galaxy Z fold 2. it should not be surprising that Google could be sourcing from Samsung.

A diagram has been showing by Google, which displays the company imagining of a foldable smartphone.

android support foldable phones

It was announced by Google officially that Android will support foldable devices.

It will make sense that Google is sourcing Samsung’s display because Samsung is more or less dominating the foldable seen right now. There is nothing much known about this alleged device. Still, it will be exciting to see how Google would position the device if it ever made a reality.

Later this year, Google will be releasing new Pixel phones by the end of this year or the start of next year. Still, so far, the company has yet to confirmed that there could be a foldable model in the works, so this report is not taken seriously for now.

Meanwhile, Google has asked Samsung company display to develop foldable OLED panels around 7.6 inches. The Samsung display was currently making foldable OLED panels to supply Oppo, Google, and Xiaomi, Korean electronics industry media has learned.

This year the sales expected to reach are 2.1 U.S billion dollars according to Market research. Last year there was an increase of 203 percent as most sales are coming from Samsung display. Apple is also deciding to release its own foldable smartphone.


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