Xiaomi Mi Smart Air Fryer Review: Yay Or Nay? (Buy Cheap!)

After successful ventures into the smartphone world, Xiaomi is advancing to the smart appliances’ niche with its Mi Smart Air Fryer!

Just as with its smartphones spanning over a wide price range to include a big audience as its customers, Xiaomi has come up with its Mi Air Fryer that falls in the highly economical range. And as with the tech incorporated in its various smartphones, Mi Air Fryer is a simple yet sophisticated looking machine that delivers an above-average performance.

If you’re used to operating smart appliances for your homely needs, the Mi Air Fryer definitely will appeal to you. However, until you have perfected the recipes manually, smart apps will be of little use to you, as is the case with almost all air fryers in the market.

As stated before, Xiaomi Mi Smart Air Fryer sits at the lower end of the price scale. But don’t confuse it with a cheap option that doesn’t perform. This budget air fryer is ideal for people with limited counter space or those who love to get their hands on lustrous-looking items.

Its 3.5L basket hoards enough food to feed a couple of people, although if you have hungry angels cuddled at the kitchen table, this air fryer might not cut it for you. The simple dial apparatus makes it easy to use without adding complicated operations to your cooking experience. 

Other practical touches that make it as good as other models in this sub-£100 price bracket include dishwasher-friendly components like the drawer and crisper tray. These are the items that get greasy and grubby most of the time, so that’s an added bonus.

We’d recommend you keep an eye on your food as it gets cooked every now and then, and while the chips won’t get that golden crisp until you have your handset on the appliance, other items like wings and sausages are cooked decently (as will other foods, depending on your creative and curious streak).


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