Can 5g Radiation cause Coronavirus? Big Question Answered!

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5G cause Coronavirus? Since the moment when the invention of 5G mobile technology came into existence, a lot of controversial ideas have emerged.

Though a good amount of the population in the world denies its rumors, yet the Coronavirus has made them turn their heads.

5g Coronavirus Conspiracy Theory

5g Coronavirus Theory

Initially, a Doctor from the US emphasizing Disciplinary Probation, Dr. Thomas Cowan made a statement in a video at YouTube that the 5G technology negatively impacted the human body cells converting them to evacuate the waste creating Coronavirus.

This theory is said to be relying on a lot of false statements such as 1918’s Spanish Flu was developed after the initiative of commercial radio development. However, the radio broadcasts got into operation in late 1920. Besides, it is also claimed that Wuhan was the first city to own this level of technology which is not the actual fact.

Another case of The Hague by which 300 starlings died in the month of October in 2018. Also, 500 blackbirds were found dead at Beebe Arkansas in January, this year. In both of the cases, 5G was again accused. On the other hand, no 5G deployment was found at that time and even none of these areas were testing it.

In another video, it was observed that the Chinese were destroying the poles of 5G because of their belief that the 5G poles had a direct relationship with the virus. It then appeared that the protesters belonged to Hong Kong and were only pulling down the smart street lights. Many of such conspiracies appeared that were overlapping and also contradicting one another.

Either as the sole root of the Coronavirus or as a factor that triggers it and makes the virus more severe. No one knows whether the virus is an actual disease or it is a hoax to stop the government from installing the 5G.

Is 5G radiation harmful to us? Does it cause Coronavirus?

5g radiation
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The simple answer to this question is “No, 5G does not cause any harm or coronavirus.”

It is completely safe and secure for the human body. The frequencies that 4G or 5G use are the same as TV and Mobile phones, which have been used for years. 800 MHz frequency band which is currently used in 4g/5g, is the same MHz used for analog TV.

Both radio signals and 5g use the non-ionizing frequencies which is tough to get penetrated inside a human body, making it much environment friendly.


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