YouTube Limits Stream Quality 480p

YouTube Limits Stream Quality at 480p All Around The World

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YouTube limits stream quality at 480p removing all other streaming options to make the service running smoothly all around the world due to excessive usage.

Many other streaming services, including Netflix, lowering the stream quality to eradicate the load on bandwidth.

Google while talking to Bloomberg clarified;

We’re working sideways of the Government and the network operators all around the world. This step is to make sure that the bandwidth faces a lower load.

According to Bloomberg, YouTube has announced it in a blog post that from April, the users will be able to stream at 480p at max. And this will be the streaming quality which will be all the people all around the world. This decision came after YouTube limits stream quality in Europe.

The videos will automatically play at 480p by default. These changes are started rolling out all around the world from today. even if you had selected 720p as your default streaming quality, it will be changed to 480p.

Streaming Services that lowers the quality

Not just Youtube famous streaming companies have also lowered the quality. These companies include;

  • Netflix
  • Apple TV
  • Disney+
  • Amazon Prime

This is to give 25% less pressure on the Internet lines all over the world.

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