Covid Toe: Hidden Coronavirus Symptom Which Very Few People Know

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Covid Toe: After knowing the few main symptoms of the coronavirus a few months back, now we can also detect this deadly virus with new known and confirmed symptoms.

Dermatologists say that if a wound is observed on the human body, there are high chances of the virus and thus a COVID-19 test should be performed. It means that this newly discovered symptom is chilblains.

swollen toe coronavirus

It is a type of inflammation and itchiness that appears on the body, mainly, on the toes of one’s foot. It is also known as “COVID Toe”.

Just before this pandemic, Dr. Fox, a dermatologist of the USA, noted 4 to 5 patients with the chilblains in the year. Soon after when the virus hit the USA, Dr. Fox noted a lot of these cases every day.

The doctor further shared that the swollen toes usually appear in very harsh and extreme winter temperatures. But, she claims that it can be considered as another symptom and a sign to test the patients.

Another Doctor from Boston also supported her. She also stated that her clinic got full of such toe cases. Dr. Freeman thus added more sessions to her work routine to deal with those patients who had COVID 19 Toe.

COVID 19 Toe
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Across the world, none of the Health Officials have included it as a symptom of the virus so far. Due to which, the Dermatologists are requesting for altering the list of COVID-19 symptoms.

Similar cases were also noted from Italy, Belgium, and Spain. Significantly, the chilblains can also be a sign to note the asymptomatic virus patients.

Although if a person doesn’t have any other sign except a swollen toe, yet they are required to go through a test as soon as possible. Moreover, it is essential for everyone to look up for and focus on their mental health too.


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