PlayStation 4 becomes the second best selling console in history

Sony can boast of having placed three PlayStation in the top 3 of the best selling home consoles in history! The PlayStation 4 has even exceeded the original PlayStation, but it is still quite far from the Playstation 2.

Second best selling console

With nearly 160 million units sold throughout its career, the PlayStation 2 remains untouchable in the ranking of the highest sales of home consoles. The original PlayStation has 102.4 million units sold, putting it in second best selling console place. But she had to surrender to her distant successor, the PlayStation 4!

The untouchable PS2

Sony has announced that it has sold 2.4 million PS4 and PS4 Pro between July and September, resulting in a total of 102.8 million units. The gap with the PlayStation in 1994 should widen in the coming quarters, especially as the holiday season is usually synonymous with good sales. Even if the PlayStation 4 is clearly at the end of the career.

Compared to the third quarter of last year, PS4 sales are down 1.1 million. And now, players are waiting for the sequel, namely … the PlayStation 5! Sony has begun to communicate on this future console which looks very interesting, but will not be released until the end of next year, for Christmas.

The manufacturer needs to renew its offer in-home console. This summer, revenue from the video game business was down 17% from last year, while profits dropped by 35%. This underperformance pulls Sony’s accounts down, even though sales rose 3% and profits reached 2.32 billion euros, a record in the field.

Sony can thank the movie industry and Marvel: Spider-Man: Far From Home has earned Sony Pictures a total profit of 1.59 billion euros. Sensors, especially photos, recorded sales growth of 22%. The smartphones and the product cameras, televisions and audio have however plunged.


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