Rumors of iPhone 12: the repetition of the smaller size feature

There are chances that the iPhone 12 would appear in the same size, similar to that of iPhone 4 and 5.

Returning back to the concept of easy-to-handle and smaller smartphones, Apple would now reflect on providing taller displays in 2020 for its new product, iPhone 12. The design would most probably be as same as it was developed five years ago, including the sharpened edges.

This year, Apple may surprise its customers with a change in design with a familiar quality. We have finalized the assumption for upcoming features and design together with the “four-camera set”.

Also, we stay connected with the updated news regarding Apple’s “AR glasses”. It was covered by Apple Core roundup this week to gain the perspective of Apple TV Plus’s fast-spreading trend.

The screen display could also be decreased by 120Hz refresh rate to 5.4 inches from 5.8 inches by Apple. It is also been discussed that the new iPhone 12 will be comprised of, a 5G supporting, back-to-back four camera.

What will be the appearance of the iPhone 12 in the coming year?

Iphone 12 Colors
Path of Design

In the world of Apple, discussion of the rumors and specification iPhone 11 has now become old. This era is to focus on the display of the iPhone in 2020.

Recalling the characteristics, the collected news on the basis of expectations includes; 120Hz refresh speeds, 5G coverage, a new design and a camera for flight time. Apple may decrease the screen size of its iPhone 11 Pro’s version of 2020, making it 5.4 inches as stated by an old Analyst of Apple; Ming-Chi Kuo.

Some sources have filtered a lot of reports collectively and have gathered the main interesting points that could explain the display of the iPhone 12.

Apple has switched from its three-range camera of this year’s iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone Pro Max too, the time-of-flight camera for 2020. Few other devices also contain this feature, like Galaxy Note 10 Plus, to help capture the details of a scene in depth.


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