Now You Can Play Xbox Game Pass Games on Web Browser

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According to reports, Microsoft testing the browser-based version of its xCloud portion of the Game Pass Ultimate. Allowing you to play all Xbox Game Pass games on web browser.

The Screenshots of the cloud-based platform running on a web browser were obtained by the Digital Phablet. In the upcoming weeks, the public beta is about to arrive, according to some sources.

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xcloud browser

A super clean interface can be viewed within the Edge browser from the pictures posted along with the report.

Gamers will be able to view the latest added games and those that will soon leave the platform.

Users will have an opportunity to browse categories like indie, sports, classic, and racing. They can also browse all the games in the cloud.

Things You Need To Play xCloud Games on Web Browser

The report says that, after the games are launched, they will run on full screen. To enjoy the action, gamers will definitely need an Xbox controller and a subscription to Game pass Ultimate, which has a monthly cost of $12. For the new users, The cost of the first three months is only $1.

Right now, there is no news on the resolution and frame rate these titles will operate on. However, 4k gaming cannot be guaranteed until Microsoft’s server infrastructure is changed to its next-generation consoles.

xCloud on iOS Devices

The launch of the browser-based solution will open up xCloud through the web browser for iOS devices. It will also give another option for Android devices. Those having a game pass ultimate subscription will likely get a range of other platforms.

To get around Apple’s App Store restrictions, Microsoft has been forced to turn to a web-based version of the service. xCloud is available on Android through the official Xbox app. With the game pass ultimate, you will have access to more than 100 quality console games. You will also be able to play first-party games and play in the cloud through the EA play library.

The available titles include Forza Horizon 4, Halo: the master chief collection, Gears 5, the Elder Scrolls V, Destiny 2, ARK survival evolved, Madden 20, and many more.


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