Huawei Gaming Console To Be Launched by 2022

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There have been rumors spreading around that Huawei has entered the gaming market for a while now. This is the first time users will be seeing reports on a Huawei gaming console, as we have already heard of gaming PC and laptops.

Huawei Gaming Console Release Date

Huawei is looking forward to launching a gaming console in 2022, same as Sony PlayStation and Microsoft Xbox, as per a new leak from Weibo.

Furthermore, a tipster has disclosed that this year Huawei will launch its first gaming laptop, making it enter the gaming market.

Honor launched the Hunter V700 gaming laptop back in 2020, which was technically under Huawei’s belt. Huawei is no longer having a gaming notebook in its catalog since the subbrand was sold off and had become independent. Rumors have been spread that Huawei will be launching a branded gaming notebook time and time again, but it did not happen.

This is the first time Digital Phablet is hearing of Huawei gaming console. Interestingly, the new upcoming console has been compared tipster to the Xbox and PlayStation, which means that we will be looking toward a high-end console. For featuring the popular games during its launch, it may be possible that the console will be developed with gaming partners such as Tencent.

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However, Fahad Khan, Digital Phablet correspondent reached to the company but Huawei has not said any official word yet.

Huawei Gaming Console Price

The expected price of the gaming console will be $499.

Huawei is planning to release the AMD version of the MateBook 2021 series as followed with the launch. But no particular time has been provided by the company yet.

Moreover, Huawei is working on a brand new set of notebooks, specially designed for gaming. Firstly, the company will be launching products related to the gaming PC market, which will suit the company’s current notebook lineups.


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