GTA V is Free To Play Now, Here Is How To Get GTA V Free

GTA V is now free to play on Epic Store, enabling millions of gamers to play the game for free, without even paying a single penny.

Following steps would help you to download GTA V on your computer

Downloading GTA 5 with the help of Epic Game Store:

  1. Log on to
  2. Create a new account by going along with their “Sign-up” option. Then, complete the procedure. If you already maintain an account at this platform, then continue by logging in with the older one.
  3. Establish a two-factor security mode because it is essential if you are planning to install a game. To follow two-factor authentication, move back towards your account settings, then Passwords and security section and click 2FA.
  4. The moment you are done, move back at their home page and look out for GTA 5.
  5. The search bar would help you to bring the required game up in front of your sight, proceed with the appeared game and then click “Get”.
  6. This button would land you to their ordering page section where you are just required to press their “Order” button to add it up in your stock.

Installing GTA 5

  1. After adding it, move towards downloading and installing the “Epic Games Launcher” to have smooth downloading. It has a size of only 400 MB.
  2. When the download completes, log in at the Games Launcher with your credentials of Epic Games.
  3. Visit the library section, on the left corner.
  4. This library would represent all of your games. Go with GTA 5, and click on “install”

As GTA 5 weighs around 95GB, make sure you maintain a good wifi connection whenever you start downloading it on your PC. It is also suggested that after having the game in your library, try to install it once on your computer. This would make sure that you have it with you for a lifetime duration. After this process, it is totally up to you to either keep it or delete it.


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