Coronavirus May Never Go Away, Says World Health Organization

It is observed that the COVID-19 would also gain the same status as HIV. And people will learn and become habitual to live with it, in accordance with the warning issued by the WHO (World Health Organization) this Wednesday.

With the fact that few nations have eased their lockdowns, WHO further added that coronavirus may never be eliminated completely.

Mike Ryan, the WHO emergency expert, stated in an online briefing that he feels that it is essential for everyone to stay realistic with the fact that no one can exactly predict the end of this virus, on the whole. It may or may not settle for a longer period of time. He also added that the world is now aware of its controlling measures.

Coronavirus May Never Go Away

It would require a lot of effort to generate its vaccine and thus he named the prospect as the “massive moonshot”. On the other hand, more than a hundred useful vaccines are said to be in the process which would go through various clinical phases however, experts are yet behind in finding out the effective ones in terms of the virus.

Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, WHO Director-General, also stated that controlling the situation to not to go worse, is in our hands. We can all contribute and make efforts to stop further losses from appearing.

Ryan also shared that the highest level of control was needed in order to eliminate the risk factor of the virus which stayed high at national, regional, and worldwide levels.

Every government throughout the world is struggling to form a decision concerning the reopening of their economies while the virus is prevailing within their nations as globally the confirmed cases are 4.3 million with deaths higher than 291,000.

The European Union is considering to reopen its borders, gradually, from this Wednesday.


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