4 Best Skills to Be Jedi Master in Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order

In the following article, we will be presenting you the top skills to select at the earliest for developing the adventure convenient for Cal and gang.

Best Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order Skills

For regaining the points of skills, stay at one of the mediation points of Fallen Order and insert skill tree menu.

“Dash Strike” with “Improved Dash”

This function serves Cal to manage the distance by getting close with their enemies. It is also considered to be among the highly powerful skills in this game. It can manage a big quantity of damage. Also, if you possess an efficient amount of force and want to get rid of the enemy, you can perform dashing on them, continuously. This ability can be improved further by following a second upgrade.

Empowered Slow

Empowered Slow Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order

This type of ability helps Cal in trapping sets of enemies in the certain time within the battle. It tends to be useful on dealing with the quick attackers including a lot of storm-troopers and critters. You can also easily have an edge off of the battle on stopping them all at once, just “hold” the allotted button.

Agile Deflection

Agile Deflection Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order
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With the help of this skill option, Cal while running can block blaster bolts. It is useful specifically when you aren’t willing to deal the huge enemy obstruction i.e. you can easily go surpass them and then you can stay safe as the stray blaster bolts won’t create any sort of trouble. Another beneficial tactic is “deflecting” however, it just makes the whole game convenient, projectile-oriented.

The Power of Friendship

The Power Of Friendship Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order
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Although this option needs three points and comes in “Fallen Order” in the late-game, yet is amazingly helpful skill. On using one of the stims of BD-1s, you will also have all of your power regarding force restored. It changes the method according to which you approach the boss battles and tough enemies. It can be also applied in the cases where you tend to be low on your health as you will be able to burn with the help of all your forces before the start of stiming.


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