10 Best Games Coming Out in 2021 That Every Gamer Should Try

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On moving towards the start of 2021, the gaming giants are busy to serve us with their innovative experiments and exciting games coming out in 2021.

Among which, we have picked out the following best new games coming out in 2021 for gamers:

1. Street Fighter V: Champion Edition

Though its launching is linked with controversy, the Street Fighter V had always been above the par game from the recent few years.

2. Marvel’s Avengers

Preferred by a lot of people, Avengers have made the wait more difficult on its creation of Square Enix’s secret project. This is one of the games coming out in 2020 that is still a lot more to share.

3. Rainbow Six Quarantine


Rainbow six always came up with changes every year. Hence their combination of Left 4 Dead and Rainbow Six: Siege is too, something unusual this time.

4. Minecraft Dungeons

Minecraft team’s Dungeons is a project out of its players’ expectations however, it didn’t disappoint them as usual and shared apparent footage.

5. Watch Dogs Legion


Watch Dogs came with great improvement and proceeded much better this time yet, weren’t able to gain a huge audience as per their qualities.

6. Half-Life: Alyx

The fans of Half-Life have already guessed its new upcoming game for 2020. Among them, few of them were able to guess its name too.

7. Halo Infinite


Although, it wasn’t known among the highly preferred games back then, yet the expectations are now increased on knowing it for the Xbox Scarlett.

8. The Last of Us – Part 2

Being appeared among the highly recommended games for the decade, we can conclude that people are having their expectations and excitement increased day by day regarding The Last of US- Part 2.

9. Ori and the Will of the Wisps

Launching with creative puzzles, unique art styles, and extraordinary soundtrack, Ori and the Will of the wisps have surprised its fans.

10. Cyberpunk 2077

Undoubtedly, Cyberpunk gained the highest expectations in the years even before knowing about the participation of Keanu Reeves in it. One of the most anticipated upcoming games in 2021.


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