Google Ads Conversion Bug Is Now Fixed After Showing Wrong Conversions

Google Ads Conversion Bug was showing more conversion than the actual and charging the advertisers double the costs.

Google engineers have fixed the conversion reporting bug that causes great trouble to Google Ads API, Scripts and AdWords API.

Google has said that 80% of the bug is successfully fixed but there are four things which they’re still trying to fix that include Keywordless Query, Geo Performance, Search Query Performance and Catagory reports in Keywordless.

This serious bug was reported on November 20th at 9:00 PM EST which showed conversion reporting acting strange between November 11, 12:01 AM PST and 20th November 11:59 AM PST. It caused the disturbance to every campaign that is set up without last-click attribution.

This only affected the reporting section, Smart bidding algorithm were safe from this bug.

All digital marketers who have been keeping an eye on their PPC campaign reports, it is advised to wait until this bug is fully restored. If you’re using last-click attribution then you’re good to go but if you aren’t then fetching data from 20th November till 24th November 2019 will show errors or inaccurate data.


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