Uber To Buy Careem In $3.1 Billion Deal – BBC

Uber To Buy Careem In 3.1 Billion Deal BBC
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Uber is aquiring Careem in a huge deal of $3.1 billion dollars, is set to make as one of the top news in the technology industry.

Many big news outlets including Bloomberg and BBC has now confirmed that Uber will soon announce the big deal for a Middle Eastern company Careem for US$3.1 billion.

Bloomberg further stated that this deal is going to be a Cash and Share where Uber will pay a sum of $1.4 billion in cash and will pay remaining $1.4 billion in convertible notes for Careem.

Dubai Media also told the outlets that this deal is happening

As per UAE Media, the deal will be announced anytime this week officially from Uber and Careem both.

This Uber and Careem deal will shift the paradigms for Middle Eastern companies

Careem was still a new startup as compared to Uber but Careem created a great impact on the tech startups all around the world.

Impressive marketing tactics of Careem has made it more impressive globally, having millions of customers using Careem daily is indeed a great benchmark setup by Careem.

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