Zoom Service Sued For Stealing Data and Selling It To Facebook

Zoom service sued to disclose private user data to Facebook. As most of us are under lockdown, staying at our homes right now, people are getting their conferences, meetings, and classes done online.

Zoom Video communications turn out to be one of the major means of communication. But Zoom serviced sued by one of the users claiming that the service is illegally disclosing private information to social media giant, Facebook.

Zoom collects private information when a person installs and opens the Zoom app and then Zoom shares this information to the third parties that include Facebook, without the proper notification, stated in the lawsuit.

The lawsuit was filed on Monday in the federal court in San Jose, California, USA.

zoom stealing data
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Zoom’s stock market shares have doubled since the lockdown began as more and more people have started using the service for their online conferencing, meetings and majorly for online classes.

The sudden rise has given the service a great boom in stock market shares during these past months.

As per the lawsuit, Zoom’s privacy policy doesn’t disclose to its users that their service contains a code that shares information with Facebook and other third party services.

Complaint also mentioned that the service is sharing all this data without any proper notification or without any mention in their privacy policy, making it one of the biggest data leaks.

Robert Cullen of Sacramento is seeking damages under the act of punitive damages, also looking to represent other users and have taken to court that Zoom server sued because it violated CCPA (California’s Consumer Privacy Act).

Digital Phablet contacted Zoom but they didn’t answer the email as of now due to their business hour restriction. As soon as we get a reply from Zoom, we will update it here.

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