Coronavirus Online Test: Check If You Have Coronavirus or Not

Coronavirus Online Test: The pandemic COVID-19 that impacted globally has killed more than 30,000 humans so far. Testing is highly emphasized by the WHO to control the widespread of the contagion.

On the other side, testing on a larger scale is definitely a big challenge for various countries amid a variety of reasons. In the developing nations, the higher authorities are discouraging PCR tests until the virus patients possess critical symptoms.

This online quiz is based on some simple questions concerning a person’s health and travel history. After this, it states the level of risk that a person possesses of getting infected by the contagious virus.

If a person’s risk appears “severe” or “high” and you possess some symptoms, you can proceed with contacting the physician or coronavirus helpline developed in your country for a complete diagnosis.

The patients who are in doubt with only mild symptoms are recommended to stay in self-quarantine within their houses for at least two weeks and note down the symptoms as recent statistics have revealed that many of the affected patients didn’t require to get admitted in a hospital and got well with simple treatments only.

The current weather bought flu season with it, however, because of the panic if the virus, the health-conscious people start to have panic starts on a simple sneeze or cough, etc.

A Nigeria based ICT (Information Communications Technology) corporation, The Fourthman Concepts, has developed a convenient online checker of COVID-19 symptoms.

In accordance with their Facebook page, the Fourthman Concept skills being the latest invention of DNA computing and information communications technology consultancy’s software development in the world of computing.

If your Coronavirus Online Test comes out as bad it is advisable to visit the nearest hospital.


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