These Are The 10 Most Easily Hacked Passwords – Beware!

If you use these common passwords for your internet accounts, then you’re more likely to compromise it to the hackers.

UK’s National Cyber Security Centre has unveiled that fact that at least 23 million people’s data was illegally accessed due to the use of password 123456.

Despite the fact that using a weak password can compromise your data, people still continue to use easy to guess passwords for their accounts and work accounts, reported in the UK’s cybersecurity center report.

The report suggested that the top 100,000 passwords from Have I Been Pwned data was determined which passwords have been hacked by hackers recently.

Here are the top 10 passwords which have been revealed in the report as the weak;

  1. 123456 (23.2 million times hacked)
  2. 123456789 (7.7 million times hacked)
  3. qwerty (3.8 million times hacked)
  4. password (3.6 million times hacked)
  5. 111111 (3.1 million times hacked)
  6. ashley (432,276 times hacked)
  7. michael (425,291 times hacked)
  8. blink182 (285,706 times hacked)
  9. 50cent (191,153 times hacked)
  10. superman (333,139 times hacked)

And the other passwords include naruto (242,749) and trigger(237,290). These passwords include the names of Musicians and Superman which is most commonly used a hackable password.

People should keep changing their password to a complex one after every 6 months, and the use of complex password makes it tough for a breacher to steal your data. Use of the passwords listed in the report shows how one can get into your account by easily guessing these passwords.

Ian Levy NCSC technical director said

About 1,350 UK citizens were selected as a sample size for this research from them only 15% knew how they can protect their accounts while 42% didn’t have a clue about security or haven’t changed their passwords in last 2 years.

Recently, Facebook also stored a number of passwords and usernames on Amazon Servers which created chaos as a huge number of credentials were compromised and previously Facebook has also involved in the security issues.


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