Trump Mistakenly Claimed “138 Million People Dead” In His Tweet On Sri Lanka Easter Blasts

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Sri Lanka Easter Blasts shook the entire world which has killed 290 Christians saying their prayers on Easter Sunday. Trump tweeted to show respect but it turned into a big blunder.

Trump Mistakenly Claimed 138 Million People Dead In His Tweet On Sri Lanka Easter Blasts
Twitter/Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump)/Screenshot via CNN

United States President on Sunday mistakenly quoted “138 million people” deaths in Sri Lanka easter blasts. The tweet was live for 30 minutes, created havoc and then later deleted.

Trump and other world leaders have condemned this attack.

Trump, who is famous for his aggressive tweets and senseless typos, previously it was “Covfefe”. He took the twitter to offer his condolences to the Sri Lanka blasts at Hotels and Churches in the Island Nation that killed over 290 people.

But, when he tweeted, it turned into a blunder, which resulted in panicking a lot of people because it was coming from a very higher source.

The tweet was a blunder because the total population of Sri Lanka is just 21 million and his tweet stated at least 138 million people have died which was six times more than the Sri Lankan population.

After 30 minutes of this tweet went live, Trump came online and deleted the tweet and wrote” 138 people have been dead in Srilanka, with more than 600 severely injured in a terrorist attack on Churches and hotels.

Furthermore, Trump also offers condolences as well as his help in this matter. As well as, the world leaders including Modi, Imran Khan, King Salman and many others have condemned this attack.

As of now, CNN is reporting that the death toll has crossed over 300 while a big number of people are being admitted into hospital getting treatments while some of them are in critical condition after 8 explosions hit the outskirts of Sri Lanka targeting the Christians celebrating Easter Sunday.

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