24 Old Versions Of Famous Websites / Webpages – (2023 Edition)

Famous website with their older version of web pages. It is the version then and now, of the 24 top websites in the world when they started back in the day.

1. Amazon.com (1995)

amazon old version

2. Google.com (1996)

google old version

3. Facebook.com (2004)

facebook old version

4. Yahoo.com (1994)

yahoo old version

5. Youtube.com (2005)

youtube old version

6. Wikipedia.org (2001)

wikipedia old version

7. MSN.com (1995)

MSN old version

8. Apple.com (1997)

Apple mac old version

9. Tumblr.com (2007)

tumblr old version

10. Telegraph.co.uk (1994)

telegraph old version

11. BBC.co.uk (1996)

bbc old version

12. CNN.com (1996)

cnn old version

13. Twitter.com (2006)

twitter old version

14. eBay.com (1995)

ebay old version

15. LinkedIn.com (2003)

linkedin old version

16. Flickr.com (2004)

flickr old version

17. Blogger.com (1999)

blogger old version

18. Nytimes.com (1995)

nytimes old version

19. Dell.com (1996)

dell old version

20. Instagram.com (2010)

instagram old version

21. Reddit.com (2005)

reddit old version

22. Pinterest.com (2010)

pinterest old version

23. Buzzfeed.com (2006)

buzzfeed old version

24. Foursquare.com (2009)

foursquare old version


  • Rebecca Fraser

    Rebecca covers all aspects of Mac and PC technology, including PC gaming and peripherals, at Digital Phablet. Over the previous ten years, she built multiple desktop PCs for gaming and content production, despite her educational background in prosthetics and model-making. Playing video and tabletop games, occasionally broadcasting to everyone's dismay, she enjoys dabbling in digital art and 3D printing.

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