13 Pinterest Tips and Tricks In 2023 To Follow For Business

These 13 Pinterest Tips and Tricks for 2023 that you should follow for your business. We explained everything in this article.

How to use Pinterest for Business

Pinterest can really boost your business, especially if you have an E-Commerce website, a large pool of people search for ideas on Pinterest which gives great amount of clicks to the websites attached with the images, which usually leads to make a qualified sale from the platform.

These are the pinterest tips and tricks that you must follow to flourish your business on Pinterest.

1. Use keywords in the title to create boards

pinterest keyword title

Pinterest maintains the best search processes. It will assist you with more people knowing about your business if you use keywords within the board titles. Be careful that you opt for every category concerning each board to assist people in searching and concerning Pinterest in recommending the board as well.

2. Utilize description for further spreading of your ideas.

pinterst tips and tricks for description
Marketing Artfully

Once again, involve keywords in the description and do remember that users can tweet these pins. The text present in the description pin is the tweet so it needs to be short, relevant, and interesting.

3. To broaden your search, develop vertical set on pictures

vertical gallery on pinterest
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The images for Pinterest should be narrow and long. Narrowing should take maximum up to the visual space and get into consideration. Go through your favorite pins and check out what the images maintain in common and you would see the kinds of pictures that are shared and pinned. We usually develop pictures that are a maximum of 735 pixels by 1102 pixels. This serves as an engaging invitation to pin again the pinned article.

4. Pinning up the Graphics

Types Of Nouns and Examples in English
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Attach your custom Pinterest image along with your branding and website on it as well

It should be followed with a maximum of 500 worded text description about the pin by focusing on your keywords. Also, people do not twee indirectly from Pinterest so it must be interesting and concise.

5. Insert a link to your home page or the blog article in its description

linking webpage in pins

To add the link as the source, edit the pin

A maximum of 20 hashtags can be added in the description

Create relevant links to the blog or the website

You will have two chances with every pin to add the link; one in the pin’s source and the other in the description

6. Do embed pins on the blog

pinterest pin embed
Dominique Jackson

The great and the easy way to attain more repins is to embed pins on the blog. On the Pinterest site, one can develop and embed code.

7. Spread your boards and pins on the other social media sites

Sharing pins on social media

Tweet the pin and then share it on the social accounts, where relevant.

8. For analytics, utilize the “Pinterest for Business” account

pinterest analytics

I like to check out the famous pins to share them again on other boards of Pinterest or Social sites. The moment when a pin gains interaction, fan the flames by providing it some social love.

9. The Rich pins

Pinterest tips and tricks Rich pins

As Pinterest stated;

pinterest blog 2020

10. For every post that you publish, maintain a pinnable picture

pinable images in blog

I maintain two images or a big one on every blog post to be published. I prefer to develop a big picture of 735 x 1102 as Pinterest prefers vertical and tall pictures. I will develop a big picture, pin it, and then share it along with the blog link.

11. Establish authority for your topic by creating boards with great and matching content

board description

I have maintained niches boards on Pinterest, social media, blogging that is updated regularly.

12. Develop interest with the tips board

pinterest interactive tips pinterest tips and tricks

Publicity Hound Blog’s Joan Stewart created a beautiful and rich board and named it 50 Tips for Free Publicity. She established a series of relevant pins with similar branding and wrote her knowledge concerning publicity. Is there any other way to share relevant tips fo your industry?

13. Establish collaborative boards

how to enable collaborative pins on pinterest tips and tricks

These boards would help you to attain a new pinners group and have your pins be noted by more viewers. Make sure to be careful concerning the boards you join as all the pins would be revealed on your Pinterest presence also. You will only be able to opt for the cover photo if you are owning the group board. The newest collaborative boards that you can find are the “Pinterest Tips for Success board”. All of the pinners are awesome concerning the addition of great content as they also share their Pinterest skills.

Implement all these Pinterest Tips and Tricks for your business and let us know how much traffic did your gain after following these steps in the comments section below. You can also follow us on Pinterest for more Social media tips.


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