iPhone Slide Pro To Release in 2023?

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On October 13th, Apple is forecasting to announce the iPhone 12 with sales or iPhone Slide pro to start either later the same month or with a little delay due to the current global pandemic which has affected some suppliers recently.

Apple is already arranging in advance but in addition to the iPhone 12, many people are eagerly waiting for the next-generation model. iPhone 13 may bring so many modifications.

iPhone Slide Pro back
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For example, People knowing this matter have hinted at Two major news has been stated by people for the 2023 iPhone. The first news is that the port-less iPhone comes without any connector or any lightning and the second news includes that next year lineup can be the one to present a foldable iPhone.

iPhone Slide pro

Now a concept image that some Other big changes could also occur in the 2023 iPhone series.

A sliding phone model which provides two different screens for a form factor which we have seen earlier but which Apple will adopt for higher screen estate is the so-called iPhone 13 slide pro.

It is quite a fascinating idea and it also visualizes other upgrades At first sight. At some point, it could make its way to the iPhone while providing several cameras and an overall new design.

The existing form factor can be further modified by subtle refinements. If there’s any other big news arriving on the iPhone front, maybe it will be the foldable model.

iPhone Slide phone

If real, the iPhone slide pro comes with a Lidar 3D scanner and three camera lenses when the iPhone 12 arrives this autumn it will be the most expected characteristic. But the rest of the designed pattern is not likely to get adopted. Over many years Apple filed for many patents regarding a folding iPhone.


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